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I cannot believe I have been rejected again.

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Why does rejection affect us so badly?

When we were kids and we were the last ones picked for the playground team. That rejection letter you got from the university of your dreams. The first time you were turned down for a job, and the last time (and all the ones in between).

Did you know that the neural pathways for rejection activate the same parts of the brain as actual, physical pain? Studies have shown that people suffering with rejection and heartache show activity in the parts of the brain that is responsible for us feeling actual pain…

“Speak like a native” they say.

The target for most learners of a secondary language today, and this is through no fault of the learners, rather a misconception that to be fluent in another language you need to adopt the accent and proper grammatical structure of the second language as a native speaker would use.

It is a great shame that the learners today are told this with no explanation to the meaning behind this phrase. …

What you actually need to speak a second language

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I need to be better

How many times have you said this to yourself at one obstacle or another?

When we find ourselves in a situation outside our comfort zone, forced to do something we are not completely comfortable with, it brings to light the weaknesses we have and humans in general are not good at dealing with their own weaknesses. This is however, in most cases, inevitable and (although it may not seem it at the time) we can use this to our advantage.

Yes, it sounds cliche, but the fact that we recognise our…

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This is a selection of more up to date series you can find on TV, netflix and youtube.
Watching them on netflix is good because you have full access to the subtitles which are usually quite good, whereas watching on youtube and TV, the subtitles will not be as good and maybe not even available.
Try to watch them objectively: don’t just put it on and watch it. Try to define a scene that you don’t understand and watch it repeatedly with subtitles, and without subtitles to make sure you are making progress. After a few repetitions most people will understand…

Visit Greenwich

Greenwich Meridian Line

The Greenwich Meridian Line is a line that marks “hour zero” on clocks around the world. On each side of this line there are 11 sections which lead to the national date line on the other side of the world.

Unfortunately, times change and technology breeds new standards. The Greenwich meridian has been split into 3 concepts: Prime, Magnetic and Geodetic.

Podcast + Transcription

Hi guys,

Welcome to the new podcast.

I thought I would talk a little bit about living in the UK today, because I know it’s something that most of you sent me questions about it on Instagram, so I thought I’d tell you a little bit about living in England, living in London and other places.

Photo by Aron Van de Pol

So, basically, if you think about London, a lot of people think London is England, and it is totally wrong. London is almost a different country in comparison to the rest of England.

The Salaries there, the housing, the job opportunities, the culture…

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The Learning Journey

A lot of people’s first Language teacher will not have been the person they took classes from. Whether it was your parents, or TV, or maybe even a book; many of you will have had experience (to some level) with English before stepping inside a classroom.
My first experience with Portuguese was with my good friend, who would teach me all the bad words and how to use them. Within a few weeks I was capable of offending anyone in Portuguese, and we have since called each other vagabundo.
My wife, would watch Doctor Who and Harry Potter, and despite having some…

Episode 0


Hi Guys

My name is Greg and I am the Cockney Gringo.

I am happy that you’re here for me to share with you some of the news stories that happen in the UK, and some interesting facts about my life in the UK and in general.

First of all, I would like to tell you a little about myself, how I came to be here, and my mission with Cockney Gringo.

I am not a qualified teacher through university, but I have nearly 10 years of experience in teaching English for a number of schools, using different…

Greg Archer

I am here to help you with your English. I am a native speaker from London, experienced English teacher, and I want you to feel confident in communicating.

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